Training packages


Roleplay for Business Ltd has recently joined forces with Eros Negri, a creative and dynamic transformation coach with experience in designing and delivering effective training solutions. Roleplay for Business guarantees that all learning is done in a friendly, fun, effective and interactive environment.  We are now able to offer the following bespoke training packages:

Customer Service & Engagement

  • Increased staff motivation & engagement
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Improved staff confidence & morale
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels

Effective Coaching Skills for Corporate Leaders

  • Understand the GROW model for the coaching process
  • Explore the power of interaction styles and body language
  • Use effective questioning techniques
  • Develop active listening methods
  • Understand the non verbal communication
  • Apply the coaching tools (reflect, inquire, advocate)
  • Give constructive feedback

Effective Selling

  • Learn to demonstrate an effective sales professional’s mindset i.e. be viewed as a value provider rather than a product seller
  • We can identify and offer solutions that help you win in the market place
  • Train staff to make the right impression with customers
  • Control all sales with a structured approach
  • Train staff how to implement effective negotiation and influencing skills
  • Explore and confirm the process of initiating, developing and sustaining relationships with customers that win sales

Influencing Skills

  • Help staff develop self-awareness regarding the impact of their own behaviour on the influencing process
  • Plan an appropriate influencing strategy
  • Understand the communication model (reflective listening, inquiry, advocacy)
  • Identify how to use communication skills effectively in the influencing process
  • Recognise the importance of encouraging different points of view 
  • Determine how to present a point of view in a way that enlists other’s support
  • Understand the different styles of interactions and how to flex accordingly
  • Identify how to effectively resolve conflict when it arises

Presentation Skills

  • Identify effective presentation skills with a focus on voice, eye contact and communication skills
  • Demonstrate basic skills in developing and delivering a presentation
  • Recognise personal development needs related to developing and delivering a presentation
  • Create an action plan focused on improving personal presentation skills