About Us

We provide actors with experience of role play, training and facilitation to both the private and public sectors.  Helping organisations with recruitment, training and in-house assessment.

corporate, role play, training, development, learning, diversity, business

Who We Are

Roleplay For Business Ltd was set up in 2018 by Adam Waddington, a professionally trained actor with a breadth of experience in role play techniques. As well as being an actor, Adam is also a qualified teacher of Drama, Spanish and French, fully understanding the need for effective communication skills, both verbally and non-verbally, having taught a range of students in a variety of settings and with a variety of objectives. Our aim at Roleplay for Business is to provide professional and experienced role play actors to both private and public sector organisations across the UK, offering a wide range of services including live scenarios for recruitment, communication skills, training and in-house assessment.

Alongside scripted or improvised scenarios, our skilled actors are also able to provide structured feedback, not only to the delegates themselves but most importantly to the client.  

In today's diverse workplace environment, we aim to offer actors who are representative of that

corporate, role play, training, development, learning, diversity, business

Why Us?

Our approach is different.  

First and foremost, our role play actors can support a broad range of scenarios to meet individual client needs.  The team have many years experience in professional role play and have a track record of providing outstanding and consistent results every time through simulations and scenario based training. 

Many of our actors have worked in the following areas:

  • Medical simulations, to re-create hospital/ surgery situations for the training of Doctors and medical students.
  •   Legal simulations with universities and law firms, training staff and students through mock trials and simulated advocacy sessions. 

Other core work includes:

  • Schools, head teachers, universities, students, police forces and prison services. 

  • The financial sector, insurance companies, IT companies and car manufacturing companies across the United Kingdom.